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Underachieving and Doing It Oh So Well

My son loaned me this very small book, and I haven’t returned it because…well, it found its way to my bookshelf and I reference it frequently, and okay, you got me. I guess I’ve stolen it from him. It’s  THE … Continue reading

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Sharing my Friend’s Blog Post

I don’t have the hang of re-posting someone’s blog…it seems to come across as my post and makes me feel like I’m stealing rather than sharing. But share I must. I have so many things I’d like to say, but … Continue reading

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Sliding on Church Pews and Jumping Ditches

Sometimes when I listen to my son’s sermons I learn things I perhaps should have known. And maybe I shouldn’t even comment on the pew sliding because it recriminates me on several levels. First off, I did not know of this game. … Continue reading

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These Three Remain: Faith, Hope, Love

Tom and I have been in Florida for better than two weeks now. It’s our longest vacation ever thanks to retirement and the fact that we drove our car south. That means no airline tickets are dictating our return. We’ll … Continue reading

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A Praying Mantis, A Talent Show, and a Sermon

It was a great Sunday. While out for an afternoon walk on this sunny afternoon it seemed appropriate to come across a praying mantis in a prayerful pose along the side of the road. He should be praying that he … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts for us Tragically Shallow Christians

Don’t take that title personally. I’m not — I know I said “us”, but really it’s not about you and me. It’s about “them,” those tragically shallow Christians. It’s certainly not about anyone quoted in this blog post. I thoroughly … Continue reading

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Rainbows and Other Signs of Hope

Testimonies like the one in italics below touch my heart. Touch isn’t really the right word, pain would be more accurate. I know young people like the one who penned the words below — beautiful, delightful, sweet, kind, strong, smart, wise-beyond-their-years young people. Dear human beings who are … Continue reading

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