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8 years of suffering under Barack Obama

Originally posted on Teri Carter's Library:
Photo credit: The Associated Press ? The sentence I hear most from well-meaning, conservative friends since President Trump’s election is this: “We suffered 8 years under Barack Obama.” Fair enough. Let’s take a…

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The Attention Span of a Gnat

I’m afraid that’s what I have, the attention span of a gnat. But wait, hold on just a minute. I’ve got to look that up. Exactly how long is a gnat’s attention span?  Because it may have mine beat. Oh … Continue reading

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Here is a worthy read, by my friend, Lesa. Source: What do you want to be when you grow up…

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Spring… Clean Up

Oh the weather in northwest Pennsylvania! Warm weather teased us in February inspiring all manner of motivation, and wreaking just bit of havoc. The crocus bloomed, daffodils sprouted, grass greened up, and algae grew like crazy…in the pool under the … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun

I have a rule. If you (and by you, I mean me) are near the beach you have to get up before dawn to watch the sun rise at least one time.Tom and I did that this morning. Here on the … Continue reading

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Underachieving and Doing It Oh So Well

My son loaned me this very small book, and I haven’t returned it because…well, it found its way to my bookshelf and I reference it frequently, and okay, you got me. I guess I’ve stolen it from him. It’s  THE … Continue reading

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Posting a fellow mom’s blog.On holy ground…

Life changing…one by one people came up to the microphone and stated this as their experience over the weekend….but I am getting ahead of myself. Trying to put into words what I experie… Source: On holy ground…

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