Spring… Clean Up

Oh the weather in northwest Pennsylvania! Warm weather teased us in February inspiring all manner of motivation, and wreaking just bit of havoc. The crocus bloomed,

daffodils sprouted, grass greened up, and algae grew like crazy…in the pool under the winter safety cover. Ugh. Some pool openings are better than others and this is why. Unseasonably warm sunny days wake up every living thing that chilled out over the winter. Had we thought to peel back the cover and add algaecide in February we’d have fared better. But alas. And yet, it’ll clean up like magic, quick as can be, once we (and by we I mean Tom) put some effort into it. Every year I despair. Every year he makes it beautiful.

Back in February we played pick up sticks in the front yard. Even got the little neighbor girls in on it, until they figured out it wasn’t so much of a game as it was work. Apparently I didn’t pull off my best Tom Sawyer. No matter, there was still wind and heavy snow to come adding more debris to be cleaned up on another day.

The nice weather provided a number of opportunities to clean up Johnstown Road. Puttering a mile up and down the road on his Kubota tractor, Tom single-handedly filled up his front bucket twice with trash and recyclables. Neighbor, Carol Thumm, and I picked up another 3 plastic bags full in the same stretch — doing our small part to tidy up this corner of creation.


I believe all that gorgeous weather came before the St. Patrick’s snow, which was followed by the March in-like-a-lion snow and then the out-like-a-lion snow. And finally — as in the grand finale — we were graced with a few inches of white stuff theseIMG_4614 past two mornings. And that’s it! That counts as our token April snowfall. The absolute last snow of the year. Finished. Done. The End. Now, away with the snow equipment!

Funny I don’t remember ever working on the pool opening before putting away snow shovels and skis. So this is an April for the books.

The crocuses are about done. Yesterday, I picked a vase of yellow daffodils for the kitchen table. And today I will put away the skis and snow shovels. Without fail. I will.




Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. ~John Ruskin


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2 Responses to Spring… Clean Up

  1. Wow, I loved this post! And yay you for the clean up! That seems an awful lot of man made debris in the bucket of the Kubota. Very descriptive (I like how you captured the attempt to motivate the girls) and really great pics. 😉

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