October, My Favorite Color

My birthday month is, in my own humble opinion, the most beautiful month of the year.img_3741 While fall isn’t necessarily my favorite season, it never ceases to astound me with its vibrant colors, crisp mornings, sunny afternoons, and long shadows.

In my part of the world, shadows are even longer in winter. That’s when days are too short and nights too long, and yet, in spite of that (or maybe because of that), our terribly cold season is restful and restorative. There are bright spots in winter too, especially when a sunny day or moonlit night makes snow covered ground sparkle. It’s as if diamonds were sprinkled atop the snow by unseen hands.

After winter, spring brings everything back to life and greens up the world… from grass to tree tops, and all the plants and shrubbery in between. So many shades of  green serve as backdrop for patches of happy spring colors — violet, lilac, crocus, and daffodil colors.

Then comes summer with riotous hues bursting forth…everywhere. Reds and pinks, purple and lavender, orange and yellow flowers flourish right along with flowering weeds. They all thrive together under skies of blue, fluffy white clouds, occasional rainfall, and brilliant rays of sunshine.

But before you know it, summer makes way for fall. Summertime perennial and annual flowers, fade, droop and eventually check out. The former snuggle down for a long sleep, the latter — well, they’re done for. But all is not lost. Chrysanthemums bloom burgundy, fuchsia, yellow, purple, and gold. Pumpkins turn orange, and wildflowers (pretty weeds like golden rod) sprout like crazy. When October finally gets here, the leaves of deciduous trees  begin to turn. And then the trees steal the show! Forests, hillsides, mountains, tree-lined roadsides, parks, and deep woods win the color-me-fabulous contest. In fact, it’s no contest at all. Hands down, the drama and beauty of fall color is the best. Autumn takes first place in show.


We’re not quite there yet. October is here, but the leaf changing is late. Leaf peepers, try to be patient… these gorgeous colors will be here before the month is over. Until then, here are some of the fall flowers and wildflowers and a homegrown pumpkin that live in my backyard and brighten my world.

I’m surrounded by all this…and wildlife too. Squirrels, chipmunks, deer, bear, foxes, possums, raccoons, birds, and insects. In these gifts from God I find much happiness. And in other blessings: good friends, family, a comfortable home, plenty of food and clean water, I’m reminded — I have it made. Therefore, even in moments of affliction and sadness I am content. I know there is a season and purpose for everything, whether beautiful or painful. And whatever it is, I do well to keep in mind, this too shall pass.

Enjoy the good, give over the not so good, and thank God in all circumstances.

No matter the season, it’s a wonderful life!

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4 Responses to October, My Favorite Color

  1. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful words. You are right – it is a wonderful life.

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  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, dear friend!


  3. Sandy says:

    Kristine said the very same words that I was going to comment, so… ditto from me Bets!!

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