What Trouble? I Don’t Have Troubles.

If you know the Johnny Appleseed song, sing along…

Oh, the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seed. The Lord is good to me!

In this world you will have trouble! True, this, but who wants to dwell there? Get out from under the heaviness and celebrate life! There’s plenty of goodness and happiness all around.


IMG_2887Pittsburgh relatives, grand niece and nephews…having a grand time on tractors. On their next visit we have to get the big tractor out for the big brother whose legs look long enough to drive it. He managed the orange Kubota like a champ, and I didn’t get a picture. 😦

For the middle kiddo there’s got to be time to fish on the creek. He’d like that. Would have liked it this time, but we didn’t schedule it in.

The little sister? She’s just happy to be included in all the events. And we’re happy to have her entertaining us like only a precocious 4 year old can!


Then there’s springtime softball. Whose in? These girls in pink that’s who.

Laiken may have been the youngest and littlest ball player, but she could hold her own out in the field…when she wasn’t drawing pictures in the sand. I don’t believe she met the height and weight requirement for wearing catcher’s gear, but that didn’t stop her wanting to try it out. Hilarious.

All the girls on the team went from skill level zero to (close enough to) aIMG_2828 perfect 10 in six weeks. I was pretty proud to watch Bridget stop a ball and successfully throw it to her big sister on first base. Audrey caught the ball, tagged the base, and got the batter out. Well, if there were such a thing as outs, she’d have made the out.  It’s a learning league. They learned. We watched. And it couldn’t have been more fun.

If the weight of the world is hanging heavy over you, go watch a little kids’ ball game. That’ll fix things up for a bit.


A swimming pool is the perfect place to wash away your troubles. Look at this clever trick — throw a bucket full of water up in the air and try to catch it again. Water falling up, that’s gotta make you happy. Our pool has been used everyday since we opened it on the 24th of May. Yippee! Until yesterday when highs were in the 50’s. Boo. And Brrr. Even with the water heated to 82 it was too chilly outside to swim.  (The temperature is up again, we’re back in business.)

IMG_2954        IMG_2953

An invitation — On any reasonably warm summer day, if you’ve got troubles, come wash them away, along with any aches and pains, in the warm swimming pool water in our back yard. It works great! If the water doesn’t do it for you, sometimes the company will.

Fishing, floating, enjoying the serenity and gorgeous scenery on French Creek is a gift beyond measure. On Memorial Day some of the Shaffer family joined us for a fishing trip, Gary and Nadine, and Matt and Henry. (Erin and William were fishing at the lodge in WV with Greninger family.)

Our neighbor, Carol, is always game for a bit of kayaking on the creek. And I think she deserves a little credit for helping catch this big walleye. Tom sent her on ahead in the kayak to wake up the fish for him. It worked!

More things that make me smile, and remind me…I don’t have troubles.




It’s the little things like flowers and home made cards, special notes, and words of encouragement. Yep, it’s the little things.

Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desires.  Psalm 37:4

Sounds like happiness to me!

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One Response to What Trouble? I Don’t Have Troubles.

  1. Sandy Price says:

    Yes, it does all sound like happiness to me too! Great pictures and words Bets:)

    Liked by 1 person

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