Hearts Content

Such a beautiful song by Brandi Carlile, Hearts Content. My nephew, Matt Bobb and his wife, Tiff, danced to this song at their wedding a few weeks ago — first dance as husband and wife. What a beautiful message for starting life together.  We fall in love and don’t fall out. Love will find a way, so here’s to you and me! She sings of hurting and making up and all the real life stuff in between. A dose of encouragement for young love as well as those slogging it out years on end. We don’t fall out of love! Hooray for us! Our hearts are content.

Here’s what encourages me: sunshine, flowers, birds, days at the beach and rainbows. And here’s what else lifts my spirits: music, art, poetry, and books. Here’s what makes my brain and heart hurt…these things can lead to discontent: politics, philosophy, and some forms of religion.

The source of all good things (which encourage me) and the remedy for the not so good (which make my heart hurt) is found in these: God and people. Abiding in God’s presence I find peace and contentment. Surrounding myself with people I see God…God with skin on.

And my goodness, if people are any indication, God is incredibly diverse. My friend came to a profound conclusion. People seem to be absolutely crazy or nuts, but no, we’re not. We are just peculiar. All of us. It’s scriptural you know, as long as you use the right English translation of the Bible according to I Peter 2:9 we are a peculiar people.

God on the other hand is Love. He’s not peculiar, but His ways are so far above ours we can’t even comprehend. The harder we try to comprehend and define God the more peculiar we must seem.

Here’s to us peculiar people, may we find contentment, peace and love in God, in all he’s created for us to enjoy, and in each other. May our hearts be content!

It’s just a love song…and yet it stirs all this in me. Hearts Content, it’s an exceptionally good love song!


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3 Responses to Hearts Content

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  2. Sandy Price says:

    From one peculiar person to another…thank you, I loved this blog. May our hearts always be content.

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