A Destination Wedding Part 2

Presenting the new Mr. and Mrs…


Tiff and Matt Bobb

We certainly had a fabulous time in Cancun at my nephew’s wedding! If you ever get invited to a destination wedding I highly recommend you go. Make every effort. Sell your first born if you must.

Our only regret is we didn’t stay longer. Tiff Gyomber did a fantastic job choosing an all-inclusive resort for her wedding and our big adventure! The accommodations were incredible, rooms with Jacuzzi tubs and patios with Adirondack chairs, or if you preferred, hang up your hammock and nap or read out there on your patio. There were bright sandy beaches with lounge chairs out in the sun or tucked under cabanas, and pools, lots of pools, fresh water and salt water pools with swim up bars where you can order a coke, diet coke or something yummy like a frozen peach bellini. Gourmet restaurants dotted the resort campus, more casual eateries near the pools and beach, but even the casual restaurants offered beautiful meals, artistically presented. Here’s our starter, seared tuna with arugula greens, served before our lunch. IMG_4184

Choose Eggs Benedict for breakfast or French toast, or both. Grilled salmon or beef tenderloin kababs make a nice lunch. Oh, and at the less formal dining places guests can help themselves to pastry, bread, and rolls from tables flanking the cheese, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable bars.

As you would expect the scenery and landscaping were breathtaking. And exotic wildlife kept us entertained.

One thing I wouldn’t want to neglect mentioning is how pleasant and helpful the wait staff were. Truly delightful people assisted us, served us, answered questions and always answered our expressions of thanks with, “it’s a pleasure.”

Yes indeed, our only regret is that we didn’t plan for our stay to be longer. I’ll treasure the memory of Matt and Tiff’s wedding forever I think. A big part of those memories are spending time with my sister, Joan, and her fun loving family: her husband Dave, their kiddos Matt and Tiff, Melissa, Leesa, Julie and her guy Mike. Getting to meet Tiff’s mom, dad, and sister and catching up with Steve Bobb and his brother Howie was pretty special too.

A good time was had by all. How good? This good…



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4 Responses to A Destination Wedding Part 2

  1. Joan Narkum says:

    And may I say how much it meant for all of us to have you there with us!?!! I would add the recommendation that as a parent of the child taking his/her vows bring at least one of your favorite family members to celebrate with! Having you and Tom made it even more precious for us… Joan, Dave, Matt, Tiff, Melissa, Leesa, and Julie! PS: Thanks for the beautiful recap!

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  2. Sandy Price says:

    I’m so happy that you had such a good time Bets! The pictures are wonderful. I especially like the one of you looking out at the ocean holding your flip flops. And no, it is not because I can’t see your face. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

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