A Destination Wedding

Tom and I are heading off to Mexico for our nephew’s wedding — it’s in Cancun! Can’t beat that for a getaway, now can you? I hope to come back with lots of amazing photos, good memories, and a tan. When I get some fabulous beach pictures I think I’ll do away with the snowy header pic currently on my blog. And perhaps I’ll replace the picture of me in a parka with one of me in tropical attire.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful break, even though it’s not much more than a long weekend. Leaving the country now, even for a short break is so very timely, what with the election pandemonium and a mean-spirited House Bill in the state of North Carolina.

I know people, and you probably do too,ย who are in a senseless panic over Target inviting perverts into their restrooms. In reality, Target and other stores wouldn’t have had to specify that their customers are welcome to use whichever restroom works best for them — as they always have — if it hadn’t been for North Carolina’s HB2. A bill born from prejudice and hate, successfully fanning the flames of LGBT — mostly T — persecution. It represents political manipulation at its worst.

And why should I care? I’m a wealthy (enough) white cis gender, heterosexual woman. If I had been born a man I’d be at the very top of all privileged classes, but meh, I’m a woman. Still, I’m only second from the top of the food chain and that’s not too shabby. What I’m saying is, people like me, and many of you, are privileged. We don’t know persecution. People who make laws like NC HB2 are persecutors. And that’s why I should care. Persecution is a horrible ugly thing. You can dress it up feigning love for everyone, “But,” you say, “I don’t want my little girl raped in a public restroom by some pervert.”

What? Who? Why would you even take that flying leap?

Listen to me, I have friends, lots of friends who are either gay, lesbian, bisexual orย  transgender. They are good people, nice people. Unfortunately for them, when otherwise reasonable folks get all whipped up in a frenzy over sharing a restroom with them, my transgender friends, it hurts me to the core. It hurts me because it hurts my friends. And I know it hurts God’s heart too.

Yeah, I’m glad to get away from this for awhile. So it’s off to Cancun, where I hope to get a tan in three days. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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4 Responses to A Destination Wedding

  1. Have fun! You need a restful time – so you can come back strengthened and able to stand with your friends again. What a wonderful advocate you are, Betsy. On a totally different note: where is your green carry on bag??? I don’t see it in this photo! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Sandy Price says:

    Put all things on the back burner for this long weekend and ENJOY all the white sand and blue, clear water. Oh yes! And get that tan while you are at it. You truly do deserve a restful time.


  3. Yeah, this pic was taken just before consolidating. It turned out I couldn’t have a purse and a carry on, so right after this picture I stuffed my purse into my green carry on. And I’ve used it every day at the pool and beach. Some times pink, sometimes green. It’s perfect. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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