There will be consequences…

I agreed to post a blog by Thursday of each week. All of us in our small writing group promised to post on our blogs once a week… OR…there will be consequences. Scary huh?  We don’t know yet what those consequences will be, but I don’t want to find out. So to keep a promise and to remain in the good graces of my writing group, post I shall. Because if I don’t… there will be consequences.

Life is good. It’s a gift not to be taken for granted, though often we do. For all the beauty ofbible-1300225_1280 nature, comforts and conveniences of our modern world, I’m sure, as Robert Louis Stevenson pointed out, we should all be as happy as kings. And yet…we are not. Perhaps I should speak only for myself. I am not. I’m not as happy as a king, or queen, or princess most of the time. Taxes and health concerns, bills to pay and house to clean, and depending on the season, lawn to mow or snow to shovel, flower beds to keep, gardens to plant, weed, and harvest are just a few of the ongoing chores that keep us busy day in and day out. And if that weren’t enough we put more pressure on ourselves to create beautiful landscapes, dress up our homes with fresh paint, new siding, add a bit of outdoor furniture. All of which must eventually be replaced, and until then: Every. Single. Thing. we buy, build, or create calls for maintenance – or there will be consequences.

Even relationships must be maintained…OR…there will be consequences. Some friendships and family connections are what I like to call low maintenance. You can go long periods of time without connecting and pick up right where you left off… weeks, months, years ago. These are relationships that are secure, sweet, fun – and the getting together, when it happens, is always pleasant. High maintenance relationships are quite different. In the separation there is angst. I wonder if she’s mad at me. Oh dear, when I said (this or that) I may have offended him. Is it possible they thought I meant…? Perhaps I need to apologize for (fill in the blank). Because you know, if you don’t get it right, there will be consequences.

Stop, stop, stop. I think I’m thinking too much. But the point is, in high maintenance relationships, I’m often thinking, fretting, worrying, which is a cycle needing a break.  I would do well to pour time and effort into these relationships to build a stronger more secure bond — or there will be consequences.

If I fail to maintain my car, it falls apart. If I fail to maintain my house, yard, or garden, they go to pot. If I neglect a relationship it eventually withers – high maintenance or low maintenance – the root is the same, and eventually without some effort to maintain, that root will die. What a horrible consequence.

I don’t like consequences, unless they are good consequences! If I care for my health, eat well and exercise, I’ll be hale and hardy (in theory). If I tend to my mental health and spiritual well-being I’ll remain sane, content, and peaceful (in theory). I add parenthetically ‘in theory’ because I am human and I live in a fallen world where  Murphy’s Law rules, “If anything can go wrong, it will.” *

On the other hand, bad consequences are motivating. The thought of something bad happening — especially when I could avoid it — makes my heart pound.  So, rather than suffer a pounding heart, I’ll make every effort to post a blog before midnight. In this way I will not endure a consequence, which, according to Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary is a result or effect of an action or condition, especially a bad result.

And that’s what our writing group agreed upon. We don’t know what the consequence will be, but it will be bad.But who are we kidding? We are, each of us, God loving, God fearing, God following women who were led to repentance by the kindness of our Heavenly Father. His grace saved us, and we will in turn offer grace to one another. Am I right girls? Tell me I’m right.

And about Murphy’s Law:*The correct, original Murphy’s Law reads: “If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.” And that’s a blog post for another day! See you next Thursday. Love, Betsy

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3 Responses to Consequences

  1. Sarah Humes says:

    Nothing but grace here!!! (Coming from the girl who has not posted her blog at 9:51pm. 😉 Love ya Bets! Love reading your amazing work!!!


  2. Sandy Price says:

    I’m so happy that you escaped the “consequences” and wrote this blog because I enjoyed it very much. Thanks!


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