I Am Not Defending My Support of LGBTQ Anymore

Can I save LGBTQ people? Nope, only Jesus saves. If Jesus saves LGBTQ people, can I then lead them to hell? I don’t think I have that kind of power. I’ll stick with loving all the people Jesus loves…even those who disagree about who Jesus does or does not love. That’s my defense and I’m sticking to it, until/unless the Holy Spirit tells me otherwise.

The following is a blog post by Robert Cottrell.

Susan Cottrell & FreedHearts

i love you“You’re a Christian! How can you support LGBTQ people and gay marriage? Don’t you realize you are condoning sin? You are leading people into hell!”

This is Rob, Susan’s husband, and I have heard it all.

When we came out as parents of an LGBTQ child, and then as strong allies and advocates, I was pretty defensive.

More than 20 years in the evangelical church had engrained in me certain beliefs about homosexuality. To be honest, beliefs which I never really looked into. I was just running a program.

So, when the attacks and challenges and questions came, I felt like I needed to ‘defend’ my position.

My heart knew that unconditional love was indeed the bottom line and truth of God. But I needed to reconcile those things I had heard on Sunday mornings.

But I didn’t just read the printed words of whatever Bible translation was my personal…

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