Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

yellow crocus

It may not be really and truly here, but oh my goodness, what a fabulous few days of spring like weather we had. God bless that woodchuck…the one who predicted an early spring.

Harbingers abound causing hope to soar: peepers peeping, robins hopping around our yard, and woodchucks are out and about — getting themselves hit on the road. Poor things, they got up on the wrong side of the bed for sure. Buzzard sightings can be expected after March 15th, but Tom saw one (or more) circle over the barn the other day — March 5th I think it was. What more proof do we need?

Oh, how about a honey bee on a crocus?

honey bee


And to think, just last week I came home from Florida and strapped on my skis for one last (hope, hope) glide around the back field. That snow melted and revealed sturdy crocus shoots bravely pushing their way up and out, only to be covered with a dusting a few days later.

snow crocus

But that was last week…and then this, sixty degrees warm and sunny! A beautiful day for a drive around Presque Isle…snow dunes, turkeys, glassy water, blue sky, and a walk on sandy beaches.

These guys came from sunny California, missing the big rains there. Yesterday they left on a beautiful warm day…apparently taking the sunshine with them. The rains moved in with a vengeance. But it’s okay, it simply means more spring flowers are on the way!


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4 Responses to Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

  1. This weather is probably too good to last – but here’s hoping it does anyway!


  2. Sandy Price says:

    Your pictures give me hope that Spring is just around the corner…and SUMMER is following close behind! Oh yessssss:))

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