A Bracing Encounter

What a beautiful sunny morning — all the trees, ground… and cars, blanketed with a foot creekand a half of snow. It’s 5 degrees outside with a wind chill advisory. But I didn’t know that when I pulled on my ski boots and headed out the door. I strapped on skis and grabbed my poles intending to check out the north forty. A bracing wind smacked me in the face — I should have worn a scarf. Regardless, I was happily off and gliding on the section of driveway Tom plowed. Two maybe three glides, ten maybe fifteen feet, right where the plowed section ends…my skis disappeared. I knew by then it was a perfect day for snow shoeing. But I don’t have any of those.

Snow up to my shins I forged ahead, building up heat as I went. My face took the brunt of icy blasts. After a short while it stopped bothering me. I didn’t notice…my face anymore.

Blazing a trail proved exhausting. I made a nice little track and skied up and down, back and forth several times, then expanded the trail all the way to the creek. Forget the north forty,  which is actually a north nine acre field, I didn’t have the stamina to go that far. Reaching the snowy high bank I stopped and took a picture of the creek with ice floes racing each other downstream. Then I turned and took a picture of our barn and house. Good grief. The house is so far away. And most of it uphill. Through really deep snow.

looking back

It was a beautiful sunny morning in frigid northwest Pennsylvania.

Florida anyone? I’ll race ya!

I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…(borrowing from St. Paul completely out of the context of Philippians 4:12)

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6 Responses to A Bracing Encounter

  1. joan narkum says:

    BRRRR! You are one amazing woman – I want to be just like you one day! 🙂 Stay warm….till that Florida trip arrives!

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  2. Brave of you to venture out – I think might have been our coldest day this year. Beautiful, though!

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  3. Kathy Travis says:

    I can feel the winter wind on my face when you write. Thank
    you! I used to cross country ski when I lived in Maine and
    I often looked down to check and make sure I had remembered
    to dress before leaving the house, it was so cold. I was in
    my late thirties then and now in my seventies I have decided
    to leave this sport to the younger members of my family.

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  4. Sandy Price says:

    I admire you braving the elements to go on a sky trip in the frozen Tundra. As for me, I prefer to be out in the snow and freezing temperatures through your beautiful words:)
    The couch is calling and I wouldn’t want it to get lonely without me.

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