Super Bowl Sunday

Um…who’s playing? It’s football, right? The game starts sometime this afternoon or maybe early evening. I think. Super Bowl Cat

I’m kidding. I know who’s playing. It’s…just a minute while I check with Tom. Of course…it’s the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Sadly, I have other plans. I’ve got to catch up on Facebook, and play Words with Friends. I must do a little writing, reading and crocheting. While tending those important chores I’ll probably hang close so I don’t miss the Super Bowl commercials and the snacks.

Coldplay, Manning, Cam — yeah, I have a clue. And I’ll stick around so I don’t miss anything important. All through the game, except during half-time and commercials, I’ll crochet…until Tom says, “Watch, watch, you’ve gotta see this!”

But first, a word from the sports casters, and it’s terribly sad.

I thought the pregame hoopla was all fun and games, but… I just saw a lead-up piece honoring Zaevion Dobson, a 15 year old kid, who shielded 3 girls, taking a bullet to save their lives. Zae was a football star, good kid –killed by senseless gunfire.

I vaguely remember this sad story making national news when it happened in December. But today I watched his mother proudly and tearfully tell of her innocent son’s heroic act. I observed the face of Zaevion’s brother as he passionately championed Zae’s heroism. These are real people, loving family, left bereaved, left to carry on without a son, without a brother.

Zaeveon Dobson

He should have been a super star. Instead he is being eulogized. His life and his heroic act are being memorialized — a spot on the Super Bowl pregame. It’s little consolation, but it’s something. Rest in peace, dear Zaevion, rest in peace.

May God bless his family and comfort them.

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2 Responses to Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Sandy Price says:

    Such a heroic young man…so sad he had to leave this world so soon. That 3 young girls are alive because of him is beyond amazing. Rest in peace, dear Zaevion, you are gone but not forgotten. I would bet that Jesus and you are tossing a football around and you have a very special place in heaven.

    As for the Super Bowl…I’ll just pass:)

    Wonderful blog, as always, Betsy.


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