The Big Snow

From the East Coast we’re seeing pictures of impassable roads and car shaped white lumps in driveways and along roadsides. Here’s my brother-in-law from the Philly area putting his super duper snow Dave Snow Blowingblower to use. Often he and my sister, Joan, just sweep their snow away. Not this week. The big blizzard called for heavy duty snow removal equipment.

Here on the other side of the state, we didn’t have a hint of snowfall today, but we’ve got a nice base left from our two feet of snow over the past two weeks. Local kids didn’t get a snow day out of the deal, but they did get to play in it after school and on weekends. Our neighbor kids built a snowman and named him Pete. (Dad helped.)

Pete the snowman

And, those girls had fun playing in our yard too.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, I promised a few more pictures of our New Year Holiday with family!

New Years Eve…We had an early dinner and sent the Henning boys off to ring in the New Year with friends. My Parisian nephew-in-law,Cedric, did his part getting the baby ready for bed. Such a good daddy he is. Once the baby was settled we played who’s smarter than a fifth grader…wouldn’t you know, the sixth grader in the room won hands down. Snacks and chatter and a little sports on TV, then, before we knew it, it was time to watch the ball drop. Yep. we all made it to midnight, and it was a delightful New Year’s Eve with my big sister, Kathy, her daughter and granddaughter, my baby sister, Luann, her hubby, and their 12 year old daughter.

The next morning was all about goodbyes and getting out the door. Jerry and Lu took Kathy and headed west to Cleveland airport. Tom and I loaded up the kids and their baby — headed east to the Pittsburgh airport where we dropped off the little family to fly across the ocean. On different flights from different airports they all arrived back to Charles de Gaul in Paris safe and sound. I hope the baby doesn’t grow too much before we see her again.


I love them all, and love this baby to pieces!

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