We Did Indeed Have a Merry Christmas and more!

Our  inside Christmas tree was so bright and cheery, I hated to take it down.


And even though the fragrance and colorful lights made me happy every morning, noon, and night it just couldn’t stay inside forever. And, after 35 days…it was time! I must have a done a good job watering it, because the needles were still holding tight.

The last Sunday of Advent, the children’s Christmas program at church, and my little neighbor girls with new Christmas jammies and toy puppies.

Christmas eve tradition…caroling with long time friends and their children, and now grandchildren. Music making, sisters cuddling, tots dancing, everyone singing.

Christmas fire, Christmas Dinner, Two out of four Henning boys for the holidays!

And then the Bruce Christmas in Bedford, PA

The newest great grandchild, siblings, in-laws, Pop Pop, and Wendy…and…cousins…


New Year’s Eve will have to wait for another post. We were lucky enough to have the Parisians and the Ohioans with us. And that group included the baby great granddaughter (9 months), and the baby granddaughter (12 years).

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  1. What a beautiful family!!!!

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