Giving Thanks

A big turkey thaws in my refrigerator even as I type. I’ve mentally planned

thankful turkeys

What are you thankful for?

the holiday feast…stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes and sweet potato souffle, gravy, green beans, and perhaps a green salad. For dessert there will be pumpkin pie. Of course.

I’ll make the pies tomorrow. Thursday morning we will make a trip to the airport to get one of our sons — one is able to join us for Thanksgiving, and we’re thankful for him! Two grown up boys are way too far away to do both turkey day and Christmas (they’ll be here for Christmas, yea!), and last but not least, it’s the other son’s turn to spend Thanksgiving with his in-law family. Everyone will have someone to spend the day with and that’s all that matters to a mom, that everyone has someone.

We will also have some good friends over, friends like family, and I’m pleased as can be that we’ll have their company as well. We expect a peaceful sweet time together.

So that’s the beginning of my list of things for which I am grateful, and there’s so much more. 1. I’m feeling better after having a rough couple weeks (or was it months) of a flare up of an autoimmune disease that wants to be my constant companion. 2. I have a new kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner in — and it’s wonderful. 3. There’s a stack of wood on the back porch, ready and waiting to bring us cozy, crackly ambiance and warmth once we lay a fire in the fireplace. 4. I’ve gotten my office/guest room organized — all those stacks of papers and magazines and keepsakes and clutter — busted! 5. My retired husband has the Christmas tree fields all spruced up (perfect pun). It’s ready for customers to come cut or dig a frazier fur or blue spruce. 6. Our evergreen tree is marked…ready for Tom to go cut it down, set it up, and leave it for me to adorn with lights, garland, and ornaments. I speak of one tree, but actually there are always two. A smaller one for in the house and a tall stately one for the high-ceilinged back porch. Oh, thinking about putting up the trees gets me all excited…like a kid at Christmas! Must wait though, I’ll wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

That’s just a bit of my giving-thanks list. My devotionals these past days have encouraged a spirit of thanksgiving. (Thank you Sarah Young.) Truthfully, the more I think of God’s continuous presence with me, and his unconditional love for me, the easier it is to fill my heart and mind with thankful thoughts, and vice versa! Even in times of trouble — and those do come along occasionally — thankfulness takes the sting  out of adversity. Amen? Amen. And so, today and everyday, as I am surrounded by God’s light and his presence I will…

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good;

His love endures forever!

Psalm 118:1

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

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