Ten Things You Could Have Done, Officer Fields, Instead of Choke Slam a 15-Year Old–As Written By Someone With Extensive Experience in Children Not Doing What They Are Asked

I wasn’t there so I’m not going to judge either way…but this article makes so much sense I wanted to pass it on.

The Boeskool

The following was written by Marie Cushing, a teacher in Memphis, TN’s Achievement School District. She has worked for Teach For America, and she is a gifted writer, educator, and communicator. It is reposted here with her permission….

This is not the archetype for a School Resource Officer... This is not the archetype for a School Resource Officer…

  1. Ask her to leave the room in a way that preserves her dignity. She is trying to save face with her peers. Make it casual. “Come with me real quick to talk about what’s bothering you. Let’s go grab a drink of water. Let’s go walk around the school building to calm down.”
  2. Give her choices.“We can walk out together or you can meet me in the hallway in ten seconds. You can go sit over in this other part of the classroom so we can talk or you can talk with me in the hall.”
  3. Ground yourself in empathy. Remember how…

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