Oh, Sweet Pea!

imageTom’s snap peas grew like crazy this year, and they are sweet like candy. Well, maybe not… but they are sweet like peas.

When I think of sweet peas I think more of something like this…image My niece and her tiny baby girl. Now that’s a sweet pea! I’m hoping to get to France sometime soon…before this wee one is toddling. We’ll see.

Saturday is our annual 4th of July, Bruce Family Reunion. This little one won’t be making a trip across the ocean — so we’ve got to go there and meet her, right? Absolutely.

While I’ll be sorry not to have my niece and great niece, and my Parisian sister will be sorry not to have her daughter and baby granddaughter, we’ll have plenty of little ones to entertain us at the picnic.

The next generation is doing their part to grow the family. There will be at least one new baby, and  2 of my first-cousins-once-removed (kids of my cousins) are pregnant. Yippee! (There could be more mommies-to-be ready to announce, who knows?)

Here’s the little fellow I’m looking forward to getting my hands on. He’s the firstborn grandson of my late cousin, Jim, and his wife,  Jeanie — the baby I wrote about in a previous blog. (see For the Beauty of the Earth, last paragraph — Life cycles, life circles)

Baby Degan Bruce

So precious, so peaceful, so sweet — Oh, Sweet Pea!

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2 Responses to Oh, Sweet Pea!

  1. Oh, they are absolute darlings! No doubt about it — I see a trip to France in your immediate future. 😉

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