The Supreme Court Just Gave American Evangelicals a Gift

imageMore than one of my friends has asked me why, as a Christian, I am supportive of equal rights as it pertains to marriage equality. The short answer is found in the question — it’s because I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus loves all people, died for all people, and is in favor of equal rights for all people.
The Supreme Court vote isn’t a religious decision, it is a political decision. Still, as a Christian person and a patriotic person I am proud to be part of a nation that is working toward liberty and justice for all.
The long answer is here:

Ed Cyzewski: Author // Contemplative


Evangelicals are tenacious, persistent, and driven when they want to fight for a cause. The problem is that American evangelicals have been swept up in fighting for the wrong cause for a long time.

When the Supreme Court ruled to make same sex marriage the law of the land, American evangelicals received a gift that many don’t want: official permission to fight for people in need instead of fighting against same sex marriage.

Whatever you believe about same sex marriage, the role of government, and the future of the church in America, disagreeing with same sex marriage on moral grounds does not demand a public campaign to prevent it from becoming legally sanctioned. While I remain committed to creating room for affirming and non-affirming evangelicals who unite under the common banner of saving faith in Christ, evangelicals in America should have never made legalized same sex marriage a central moral…

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