Five Days of Summer in Spring…

I’ll take it!violets up close

Our yard is covered with white and purple violets. They are so beautiful it seems a shame to mow them down. The farmers plowed, seeded, and fertilized our fields. That fertilizing part stinks. Hearing, seeing, smelling the approaching manure spreader is not one of my favorite things about living in the country. But still, I’ll take it. I’ll take the bad with the good.

Lots of wildlife show themselves…they are easier to spot before vegetation pops out in full bloom. We’ve seen blue birds, robins, rose breasted grosbeaks, orioles, woodpeckers, gold finches and so many other birds, some here to stay for the summer and fall, others just passing through. Hummingbirds have flown in our face making their presence known and demanding we get the feeder out. We comply, only to watch them behave like naughty children who can’t take turns — chasing each other away. I suppose we could put up more feeders, but then how will they ever learn to share?

Morning finIMG_3029ds this pair sunning themselves in our driveway. Here they are taking their sweet time getting out of the way of my car. Mama goose heads toward her nest in a pond on the far side of the field and up the road a piece. We got a glimpse of her fuzzy babies the other day. New life, so sweet.


Turkeys strut down on the flats, big tom’s fanning out, showing off for the girls. Deer browse… until our dog barks and scares them away. Rabbits nibble, squirrels play, and woodchucks lumber across the fields and our yard. Something else lumbered through our yard last evening, just nosing around. Something big and black. He was absolutely beautiful, but when Tom went outside to try to get his picture he ran off at a gallop. I hesitate to mention the word bear because it scares some of our guests. But really, bear sightings are so infrequent — and truly they seem to be more scared of us than… You know.

The pool opening happened just in time for high 80 degree temps. Clear, cool, blue-looking water refreshed us and some of our friends who live nearby.

IMG_3037 IMG_3038

Here are the girls learning to swim with brand new mermaid tails from their Non-non.


She’s got the hang of it! Almost.

IMG_3061 Audrey and Bridget’s cousin came on Saturday…and dang…I didn’t get a picture of the three of them. But I’m sure Isla will be back soon so we can remedy that!

The Riddle family stopped by to cool off.


Just hanging out.Liam’s just hanging out in the deep end.

Tom Casper brought Portia for her first swim of the season.


Kenda Murdock and her little Laiken were here on Saturday. Laiken doggie paddled like a champ, and she even put her face in for 5 seconds because she’s almost 5!  Angie Morton and Isaac had their first-ever dip in our pool on Sunday, and we’re hoping they’ll make it a regular after church thing!

Tom and I love our pool, and one of the things we like best is having other people enjoy it with us. So, for those five days of summer weather in spring, there seemed to be no end to the fun! A foretaste of joys to come? You bet.

Now it’s seasonably cool…which is a good thing…a chance to take care of outdoor and indoor chores. But have no fear, the sun will come out tomorrow or the day after that. There will be plenty of swimming days in the next few months. Yay!

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