Wedding Bells

Dad and Wendy croppedA simple ceremony at a friend’s home with two dear people to stand in as witnesses. An adopted “baby”, a fabulous ring, more than a few tears…and boom. Just like that my dad is married, again…late in life, and after a wonderful 63 year marriage to my mom. His new wife, Wendy, is charming, as was my mother. In many other ways she’s completely opposite of my mom — and yet so perfect for dad at this time and place in his life. I’m delighted for them. They both wanted companionship. They both wanted someone to love (again) for better or for worse. They wanted someone to take care of (again) in sickness and in health. They promised to stick by one another for richer or poorer until the end of time.

At least that’s the way I suppose it went. I wasn’t there. None of us kids were. Their courtship has been comparatively short, and their decision to marry (or not) has been pondered and studied long enough. So they just did it. Good for them!

Wendy wrote all of us kids a sweet love note:

Today Dad and I are being married and not only  will I lovingly be committed to him…but it also includes all of you . Knowing you by phone or in person has been such a wonderful experience for me for each of you are absolute gems . Mom and dad are certainly blessed having such beautiful people for their children and now I hope I can measure up to helping and loving you the way all of you deserve . I promise I will always be at your call if ever you need me and I am so happy not only to have your wonderful father as my husband but to have all of you too. I know that today is Robbys’ birthday as well and he is lovingly in my thoughts…  never to be out of them. I’m so looking forward to hugging all of you and of course getting my hug back . I do love all of you, how could I not . You’ll be hearing from us very soon .   All my love    Wendy.

Wendy has married into a large family. We were seven siblings before the passing of our youngest brother when cancer took him at 36 years young. Now we are six. All married with children. She inherits 15 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Dad, Wendy and EmmyShe comes to the family with special friends who are like children to her. Two of those kids, (we’re talking close to retirement age, but hey, kids none the less!) Bill and Judy, live nearby. They attended the little ceremony and sent pictures for us. Wendy also brings her sweet little Emily to the marriage. Emmy is a stuffed monkey, but please don’t let on to Wendy or Em that she might not be people. Clearly, like the Toy Horse and the Velveteen Rabbit she is real. She earned “real” status by keeping Wendy’s former husband company when he had to be in a care facility. And after his passing she’s been comfort and company to mama, Wendy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting little Emmy and I’ve got to tell you, she dresses to the nines! Whether in play clothes — like her cute country-kid overalls, or going out country-club casuals, like the outfit for the wedding, she’s always looking cute as can be.

It was an emotional day for Dad and Wendy. I imagine it was an emotional day for my siblings, I know it was for me. Nothing but happy tears for my dad and his new wife. I’m so glad they have each other to love and to cherish, to share plans, and secrets, and household duties! Companionship…it’s so important. When God created people, he said, “It’s not good for people to be alone.” And so he created a helper suitable for each of us.

Wishing Dad and Wendy all the best wishes for happily ever after!


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2 Responses to Wedding Bells

  1. Joan Bruce Narkum says:

    We are blessed to have always known we were loved. Adding Wendy’s love to the family just seems like the next best and right thing. Thank you Betsy, for articulating the emotion and physicality of the day – I closed my eyes and pictured me there. My heart is full knowing past “loves” of both are smiling.

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  2. Love this! I hope your Dad and Wendy enjoy great happiness together. How wonderful it is to find someone to love and be loved by.

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