Sliding on Church Pews and Jumping Ditches

farbenspiel-174873_1280Sometimes when I listen to my son’s sermons I learn things I perhaps should have known. And maybe I shouldn’t even comment on the pew sliding because it recriminates me on several levels. First off, I did not know of this game. Is it worse that I was inattentive to my children or worse that, if I had known, I ignored such rowdy behavior? In my defense and theirs (assuming his brother was in on it too), they couldn’t have been too rowdy or I’d have noticed. I think. I’m pretty sure I’d have noticed.

And that illustrates my grown up son’s point. Would I have put a stop to that behavior because I was afflicted with a spirit of religion? Probably yes. I would have scolded my boys because I was overly concerned about appearances, what other people think, and it could be said of me that I flirted with legalism.

It’s okay, I got better. From that… I got better. This message is a great reminder to me to be vigilant in scrutinizing my own shortcomings, my own sin…and a reminder, don’t climb out of one ditch only to fall in another.

How to recognize a spirit of religion? See the 8 points at the sermon’s end.

Jesus’ Ministry & Religious Elitism

This post refers to Part 2 of 4…so if you want to hear about sliding on church pews you’ll have to choose the message from 3/8/2015.

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