Fickle Weather, Funny Little Girls

Unless you live near enough to run home at a moment’s notice it’s hard to plan a swim date at my house this summer. If the sun’s out, come quick!

The weather can go from this…

              to this…

                           in not much more than the blink of an eye.
But we’re still enjoying the pool and certainly love when people come over. Here’s a picture of  two of the regulars. I kind of consider them my own, and aren’t they sweet as can be?
But sometimes they’re goofy as all get out!

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2 Responses to Fickle Weather, Funny Little Girls

  1. I LOVE reading your blogs…you inspire me!! Thank you for sharing your “paradise” with us!! Love you very much!!


  2. Well, Jackie, I'm just so proud that Ronnie and Abby are swimming now. It always thrills me when kids put their faces in the water and get their feet off the bottom of the pool and paddle around. That's swimming in my book — before you know it they're gliding through the water with long smooth strokes. And my goodness, look how your two have progressed this summer! I love it!


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