Keeping Promises?

The first ripe blueberry on my plant —
 a Mother’s Day gift from Adam and Alicia

I’ve promised myself that I won’t do any other writing, any other projects, not work in the tree nursery, not plant more flowers or mulch flower beds, not mow lawn, not paint or organize or clutter bust until I finish a very important writing assignment. I gave myself a deadline — the first week of June. It’s here. The writing assignment is almost complete. Almost. So I’m sort of, kind of cheating to be writing a blog post when that’s on the list of things I won’t do until… yeah.

But every time I turn on my computer my blog page comes up and I have to look at that picture of my living room floor halfway torn up. The renovation project has moved way beyond that point, but the house is still torn up. I’m getting tired of it…reminding myself that as with every other project we’ve ever done (and there have been myriad) when it’s finished it’s so worth it and all memory of the inconvenience fades away.

Yet today, everywhere I look my house is out of order. (Slight exaggeration, but that’s my mood right now.) So the last thing I want is to turn on my computer and see Destruction that Leads to Construction complete with a picture.

By the way, we have a very flat, solid subfloor now, just think how terrific it will be once the real wood floor arrives. Meanwhile new doors and a new window are in place, and the rebuilt hearth is very pleasing.

The guys are working on our new master bath even as I type. 
The Sun is shining, and goodness, I just want to be out there. I’m going to go mow a little portion of the lawn, the part inside the fence around the pool. It won’t take long. Then I’ll get back to that writing assignment. I promise. 
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