And Then There Were None

One by one, my bunnies died — Phoebe’s bunnies really. Pretty sad. But I got some pleasure from nursing them with a tiny baby bottle, cradling them in my hands, and watching them scoot and scamper around.

There were two runts — one died first and the other died last of all. I lost one a day starting with Monday. On Thursday we were down to 3 little bunnies and two of them seemed so healthy…gaining weight and all…I was very hopeful. Optimistic about them, on death watch for the little guy.

One of the bigger ones died yesterday afternoon. The other remained energetic and curious and very cute, hopping all around, licking at the water bottle in the box. But…when we came home from church and visiting with friends last night his still warm body was limp, unresponsive. I had myself prepared to come home to the pipsqueak expired, but not his bigger brother. I was so sad — beyond disappointed.

Before bed I fed and tended the littlest one, the only one left, knowing he’d be gone by morning. And he was. Oh woe is me. All that to say there will be no Easter bunnies at our house tomorrow morning, but I’ll think of them and imagine them in bunny heaven while we celebrate The Resurrection!

“Where did the bunnies go?” My little neighbor asked her mommy.
“They went to a better place.” Mommy replied.

I believe in that better place. And Easter is why I believe.

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9 Responses to And Then There Were None

  1. I'm sorry they didn't make it. They were so cute!Blessings~


  2. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. Blessings back to you!


  3. I'm sry they didn't make it but to know such kindness and love before they passed…god bless you Betsy.


  4. Thanks for sharing your stories. They were cute little things.


  5. RuthAnn says:

    Oh, so sad to read this just now. And rejoicing in the coming resurrection.


  6. I'm so sorry Betsy! You were a devoted and faithful surrogate mama for those bunnies all the way through. I'm sending you a big hug over the internet.


  7. Thank you everyone for kind words and sympathy. And Kristine, thanks for the big hug. Sniff, sniff.


  8. Joan says:

    Awe, such a sad bunny story. But it really was a testimony to love too. How nice that they were able to feel loved while being so sickly. I'll think of them tomorrow too. I love you … Kind big sister! Kisses!


  9. Hey Joanie Balonie, it's not as sad as Dad's baby rabbit story though, is it?!?


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