Installation of Spring 95%

We’re at 95-100 percent spring like weather, says me. Spring is here in (almost) full swing. By the end of the week temps are supposed to hit 70…not staying there, going back down to the 40s next week, but hey, this is northwest PA — gotta expect that. I’ve heard spring peepers three days in a row (music to my ears) and some of my crocuses have bloomed.

Other signs of winter’s passing…

swans on our beaver dam. But of course they aren’t here to stay, just passing through heading further north. Such a beautiful spectacle they are whether swimming or on the wing.

And here’s a red headed fellow pecking at the last of the
bird seed.

They say the crocuses have to be snowed on 3 times, spring peepers will look through glass 3 times, but what do they say about turtles? It seems to me, once the turtle comes out to sunbathe, that’s it…spring is here in earnest!

So goodbye winter. No more snow, we’ve had our fair share. No more frigid winds, we’ve had our fill. Just walk away winter, please walk away…

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One Response to Installation of Spring 95%

  1. Sarah Rose says:

    I loved this post! Thanks for sharing! And I learned what the purple flowers growing in my yard are called! 🙂


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