A Little Levity

To relieve the heaviness I’m feeling over this week’s news, and World Vision’s drama, (I have a post in the works) I thought I’d share a picture of the sand hill crane baby. My sister is in Florida and the little family came visiting Dad’s backyard. The first day there was more than one baby. They were a family of four, then just a family of three. In her words, we’re pretty sure what that means.

Yep, but let’s not think about that.

You’ll need a keen eye to find baby crane…

Babies and little kids can lift the spirits. This did the trick for me.
You know what else can make me happy?
Tickled my funny bone. Take a few minutes and see if it makes you smile. This one is about learning math, but there are lots to choose from: fast food, cowboys, salesman, cooking were some of my favorites. 
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