One Day… and Another

The frosty air and fluffy snow made for great skiing on Monday.

85 degrees and sunshine made for great swimming on Tuesday.
Honestly, it’s like we’re on another planet.
And oh, by the way, it’s strawberry season here.
We came to Florida to have strawberry shortcake with our Brown Hill neighbors!
Of course we’re here do a few things for Dad and to keep him company, but we’re out and about having fun too. We couldn’t talk him into the long drive with us to go have a strawberry shortcake at Parkdale Farms. He knew his favorite daughter would bring strawberries back and make him a home made shortcake.  (There’s more than one way to find out if your sisters read your blog!)  
The shortcake is on the list for tomorrow, along with more swimming for me, golfing for Tom, and believe it or not we’ll find time for a few chores to earn our keep. How we can improve upon what he’s got going is hard to fathom, but I suppose it’s the little things that make it as pristine and beautiful as it is.
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2 Responses to One Day… and Another

  1. Wow, what a great trip. I've never been to Florida, but this post is making me think that maybe I should!


  2. Sarah Rose says:

    I think our next Writing Group should be at Betsy's dad's! :0) Enjoy your trip. We miss you here! 🙂


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