Water Therapy.

It happened just like I thought it would. The second reunion is upon us and I didn’t do reporting of the previous one justice, nevermind posting some of the delightful daily events in between. I could have posted some lovely wildlife and nature pictures Tom captured. I could have told of dear friends stopping by, a baby’s first dip in Betsy’s pool, little ones learning to blow bubbles, put face and head under water…and finally, after a fashion…swim! It’s a thrill for me every time.

I could have written about kiddos growing more confident, learning to dive, doing tricks — shouting “Betsy, watch this! Watch me! Look what I can do!  Count how long I stay under!” Do they ever outgrow the need to be noticed and applauded? I hope not.

But there’s plenty of quiet time at the pool too. Tom does laps in the morning. I hear his strong stroke and steady kick in my sleep and make a decision to join him or go back to dreamland. Usually I — unconsciously — choose the latter, happy to do laps at a more reasonable hour. Several times a week, a friend or two will join me for a gentle water workout and girl-talk. Sometimes we solve the world’s problems. If we have any troubles of our own, real or imagined, we solve each other’s problems. And,  — completely unsolicited — we, only occasionally, just between us, work at solving other people’s problems.

One thing we always agree on, no matter your mood, your troubles, the stress that momentarily weighs you down, it all dissipates in the pool. Worries, concerns, aggravations lap away. Off they go through the filter, cleansed and replaced with healthier thoughts; restoring the bather. A session of water therapy restores, refreshes, regenerates!

Speaking of which, I better go get me some of that. Today is the Henning Cousins Reunion — am I ready? Should I panic? Yes, I mean, NO.  Gosh it’s already getting late in the morning, but I think there’s time for a swim.

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4 Responses to Water Therapy.

  1. Love this post! Your home is magical…


  2. Love this post so much – makes me want to go for a swim. Hope your morning water therapy left you refreshed and ready for all the fun you have planned today! Enjoy the reunion. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Ellen. I do believe all of the children here today — 11 of them — thought they were in storybook land: the pool, the tractor rides, the campfire, the swings and so much yard to run around in. Although rain foiled the planned campout, it didn't dampen the rest of the fun.


  4. Kristine, I sure did enjoy the reunion, and here I am at 10:30 still up! We packed in all the fun we could, just finished all the clean up, can't wait to fall into bed, wake up to some company still here, and head off to church around 10. But you won't be there this week — so we'll have to get together for coffee and a swim mid-week!


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