Family Reunion Part 2 (of 122)

Getting ready — the days before the reunion we had 16-18 people here at any given time. Might as well put them to work.

Mom was in the kitchen making potato salad, Kathy and Bernard went shopping with a big long list, Scott and Anne went on a date to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland — with a promise to be super duper cleaner uppers upon their return, a promise they made good on. Tom, Dave, and Jerry did some outside work, put up a tent, and used the tractor and wagon to round up picnic tables from hither and yon (hither being our barn and yon being the neighbors house. We’ve got great neighbors.).

After a job well done started, a little rest in the sun is in order.
…But hey guys, go get those tables.

A sweet ride.

Cousin time — board games! The littlest cousin isn’t playing board games, she’s in the pool with a friend that we borrowed for the day. Later the big girls included the little girls and they all goofed around figuring who was and who wasn’t smarter than a fifth graders.

And there’s still kitchen work to be done…

All in all it was a very full, fun day of preparation.
Many hands did indeed make light work.
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2 Responses to Family Reunion Part 2 (of 122)

  1. vic says:

    Looks like it was a blessed reunion from a family which is a blessing to many. Love the pictures and smiling faces. May God bless you and much love from our home to yours. Sorry Nick and I missed you when we were over swimming but we'll see ya soon because it's dang hot.


  2. Thanks Vic. See you soon…I'm counting on it!


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