Happy Mother’s Day…

Good wishes for a lovely day to my mom, my daughter-in-law, my sisters and sisters-in-law, and my dear friends.
Me and my mom and dad in February.

So many friends are posting remembrances of their moms, followed by the heartbreaking words…I miss you, Mom.   I count myself blessed to still have both of my parents.They’ve enjoyed and endured eight decades and counting. Six of those blissfully married (for the most part), setting a good example for us, their seven children. They withstood watching our youngest brother, Rob, struggle for 2 years with a vicious cancer, which claimed him 2 weeks after his 36th birthday — the day before Mother’s Day 1999. Tough times. Every year.

Two of my four sons have passed that age. I can’t imagine loosing any one of mine; can’t imagine how a parent survives the loss of a child at any age. But people do, and my parents have more than survived. They remember and celebrate Rob’s life, thankful for the years they had with him, proud of his accomplishments and even more proud of the strength and grace he displayed throughout his illness. In his last months, he cared for those who were caring for him, trying to make it easier for those who loved him, his parents, his family, and his fiancee, Sandy.

This is what I ruminate on the days leading up to Mother’s Day…every year since 1999. But, following my mom’s example, I allow my sadness to be tempered by all there is to be grateful for…the blessings that abound. Today I’m grateful for Mom and Dad, six wonderful siblings, one in heaven, a terrific loving, patient, kind husband, four amazing sons and the women and children they’ve brought into my life. Today, I’m feeling blessed by God above.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!

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4 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. Kriddle says:

    Beautiful words, Betsy. Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful.


  2. Thank you Kristine. Tom's down for the count, but I'm having a lovely quiet day. Finished a book, took a nap — yes, a lovely day. You? (Oh that's right, you're being spoiled with presents! It's got to be a good day.)


  3. Sarah Rose says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your family Betsy! Such a special woman like you no doubt comes from a very special family! ❤


  4. I do indeed, Sarah — thanks for reminding me!


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