Go Fly a Kite


And when flying kites isn’t fun anymore, you can make bubbles!


Lots of fun playing with our little neighbor girls! 

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5 Responses to Go Fly a Kite

  1. kriddle says:

    Looks like fun – makes me want to take my kids to go kite flying.


  2. Sarah Rose says:

    You have the most perfect place out there for everything wonderful…kite flying, star gazing, swimming, walking near the creek…God has blessed you so so richly! 🙂


  3. Thank you Kristine and Sarah! Your kind words remind me to be more thankful for God's blessings. I'm afraid I sometimes take these things for granted (shame on me). But now my heart is appropriately full of gratitude! …for material blessings and friendships.


  4. Lisa Vella says:

    And I'm assuming this was before the liquid manure! Lol! Looks like lots of fun!


  5. Yep, Lisa, you got that right!


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