Frosty, Sunny Morning

Clear skies make for cold nights and mornings, but the effect on the landscape is stunning.

Tom’s got some projects going. I’m putting in my two-cents when asked; otherwise I have nose to the grindstone, fingers to the keyboard, racing the Nano clock. I can do this. I’ve passed the half-way mark of 25,000 words — barely. The half-way mark on the calendar has come (and gone) as well, and it got there first. But that’s no never mind, I’ll catch up this weekend. I will if I stop with the facebook, the email, the housekeeping, and the kibitzing on Tom’s projects.

Still, I just had to take time for a quick short blog. I love that a few of my friends and family check in and see how we’re doing via this little hobby, outlet of mine. Thank you.

And speaking of gratitude…Thanksgiving Day is less than a week off. I have so much that I’m thankful for. Many of my facebook friends list their thanks everyday on facebook in the month of November. It blesses me to read all that others are grateful for…many of the same things between them — things that I too am grateful for — family, friends, health, all of our needs met and many of our wants as well. I am thankful to the God who provides. Others are thankful to the fates, appreciating when the stars align. It’s really one in the same. Without the finger of God those stars won’t line themselves up. And so, on the top of my list, I’m grateful for faith to know this.

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