A Little Bit of Inconvenience

Our furnace is on the fritz. We woke up yesterday morning to a pungent burning smell wafting through the heating vents. Barely wafting, nothing like forced air blowing warmth into the rooms. Tom shut off the hot furnace and called our trusty heating man…leaving a message since it was well before business hours. Then he built me a fire in the fireplace, charged up the supplemental gas heater in the kitchen, and went off to work.

The furnace fix-it guy came about mid day. It took him two minutes to diagnose the problem, but he had to order a part…a motor for the blower fan. He thinks it’ll be delivered today and he’ll come install it.

We live in big, drafty, old farmhouse. Brrrr. This is remeniscent of our early days, back when there was no furnace at all, no insulation, no storm windows. But here I am reasonably cozy, nestled in front of the fireplace. I closed off all the other rooms, stairway, family room, guest bedroom, and it’s amazing the warmth that’s built up if I stay in this room. We pulled out the sofa bed to sleep on last night and I’m not intending to fold it away until the furnace is humming along once again. (I’d like the comfort and convenience of heat, but I’m kind of hoping to sleep in front of the fire again tonight.)

Our situation is nothing compared to those who were ravaged by the superstorm, Sandy. My troubles are just enough to remind me to be grateful for all of the good things in life — my easy, comfortably rich, blessed life. I have hardly any troubles, just enough to remind me to be kind and compassionate to others.
And the sun is shining beautifully and brightly today. Haven’t seen it for days…but it’s here now!

Click above and you can choose a sample of David Henning’s CD
The line above is from the first song, Castles which was and still is very meaningful to me and Tom. Just when Dave’s CD came out we experienced a shake up that brought us to our knees. What a blessing to have David sing to us…
“Even if my castles fall, and I’m brought to my knees
Even if I lose it all,
I believe.
Even if my skies are dark, and I can’t see the truth
Even with a broken heart,
I believe.

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One Response to A Little Bit of Inconvenience

  1. Lisa Vella says:

    Beautiful, Betsy – as always! Love you and hope you had a great day full of writing productivity!!!


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