A Fabulous Day in PA

Yes indeed, it is a gorgeous day, and there are more to come. Hallelujah!

I just returned from a two mile walk — left Tom at the one mile mark, where I turned around and he continued on so his jaunt will be five miles altogether.

We had a lovely Sunday morning and a good church service in spite of having to get up an hour earlier. The time change didn’t have much affect on me, I fooled the clock by going to bed an hour earlier. Ha! (Feeling rather smug about that.) After church I stayed a few minutes to update our church website and upload the sermon.

Those are Monday morning tasks, but tomorrow… I have to report for jury duty. I’ve read that this is expected to be a long case, a double murder involving drugs —  with a death penalty if convicted. Good grief, my heart is saying no, no, no. While I believe that every citizen should do their part, I don’t want to this time…no, no, no. I can’t in good conscience send a man to his death, I don’t care what he did, I can’t do that. How selfish and irresponsible is it for me to think, let someone else do it if it needs done? So, ugh, I have all night to think about this. And I don’t mind telling you that I’m praying I won’t be picked. Better yet, that I’ll be dismissed, excused from the get-go. I just don’t want to do it. (I wonder how many people do?) Anyway, that’s tomorrow and there is no sense worrying about it today. Tomorrow will have enough trouble of its own.

Today I’ll consider the crocuses — after a long, albeit mild winter, during which they neither toiled nor spun, look at how they are clothed in beautiful colors!  Even Solomon in all his glory…


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