Too Young, Too Soon, to Say Goodbye…

Susan Niebur, aka Whymommy, passed from this world into heaven. Her husband entered a final post on her widely read blog, Toddler Planet — 

An amazing life, inspiring, vivacious, brilliant, kind, generous, loving, short. Too short. Her mother and father shared that her passing was gentle and peaceful, a small consolation, but hugely comforting.

In Susan’s last post she revealed her reluctance to call on hospice care. A post before that told of her trip to the hospital with breathing problems and pneumonia. I remembered when my brother was very sick with cancer. The last I spoke with him was 2 weeks before he passed, April 21st, his 36th birthday. I hung up the phone and cried because I knew he was dying. That memory washed over me when I read this post on Toddler Planet —
And I cried, because I knew Susan was dying.

I awoke last night, not having heard anything for days, startled, sad, called to pray in the middle of the night. God gently preparing me, and kindly using me… to pray.

She was ready. How kind of her parents to share that with us… and this: Susan passed away this morning, gently and peacefully, with Curt at her side.

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2 Responses to Too Young, Too Soon, to Say Goodbye…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sending big hugs your way, Betsy!Love,Arielle


  2. Thank you, Arielle.


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