Trick or Treat

Tonight’s the night when precious little children come knocking at our door dressed up as…Jesse from Toy Story, a fluffy doggie (just like our own Phoebe), Mrs. Potato Head, a ghostie goblin, and a beautiful gypsy girl.

Living in the country we don’t get many trick-or-treaters, just the neighbor kids. So the above list represents all 5 of the cuties we treated tonight.

Cute, huh?
We forgot to get out the camera when Mrs. Potato Head, the Gypsie, and the ghostie goblin guy were here. Dang… they were really cute too.
I haven’t been very faithful to this blog lately and that probably won’t improve next month. I’m taking a writing course to prepare for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). NaNo starts the first of November so I’m in it up to my eyebrows for another month or so while I write a novel. Stop laughing, I’m going to do this. And by mentioning it here, I’ve just upped the stakes and the pressure. Good grief.
Oh, but yeah — life goes on, so Happy Halloween! 
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