A Sunny Sunday Morning…

and I’m better! Hallelujah.

It’s officially fall. The pool is still open, but the leaves are indeed falling into it. That’s okay, for another few weeks it will still be worth it — having to clear out the leaves before swimming. And then the weather will turn cooler and rainy and that’ll be that. We’ll spend a day or two putting the pool to sleep for the winter.

A mama deer and two of her offspring graced us with their presence(s) this morning. When they posed in the sunlight Tom began snapping pictures…

Eventually they ran away and so did we. Off to church…they worship their way, we another. I listened to one of my son’s messages this week (actually I listened to 3 messages in the series The Indestructible Church) and (in each) he references worship. The act of worship is more than gathering on Sundays, more than the music, the message, the prayer. Worship is our life.

It always surprises me how God dovetails things.Aaron’s sermons were in the same vein as our own Pastor’s current series, In Common, which began on September 11th. Coincidentally (?) Sunday School class often touches on something that comes across in Pastor’s message. The music, whether choruses or hymns, complement or even complete the sermon. And yet, the Pastor, Sunday School teacher, worship leader haven’t collaborated — not at all. But the Holy Spirit communes with each of our spirits. Yeah, it’s a God thing. Gotta love it!

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5 Responses to A Sunny Sunday Morning…

  1. Mike says:

    You're awesome, Betsy! We love you. Blessings to you & Tom.


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  4. seo service says:

    Ohhh… They are so cute!


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