Summer: Getting Dirty, Keeping Cool, Retreating

Why is it I love summer? What do I do all summer long? It’s all coming back to me. The tree fields need mowed, the lawn grows and grows and has to be cut and cut. The pool — fun as it is — requires effort to keep it sparkling clean. Flower beds, vegetable garden (such as it is), porches, swing set, barn, everything you have needs taken care of. That care requires time and energy I’d rather use for swimming or sipping iced tea with a friend. But that’s okay, it’s summer time. All the work surrounding us is worth it for the incredible beauty surrounding us. And to top it off we get surprise glimpses of wildlife: birds, rabbits, deer, coyotes, and bears. I haven’t seen the bear or the coyote, but Tom has — and you know what? — that’s fine with me. I don’t need to see bears and coyotes. The moon has been breathtakingly gorgeous. And last night when I couldn’t sleep at 12:45 a.m., lightning bugs were putting on such a spectacular show I was a bit spooked. They were giant lightning bugs flashing big, big lights. Or were they tiny little ufo’s shining tiny little lights? Whatever they were it was surely an invasion. They were up high in the trees and down low in the grass and straight ahead convening on every edge and hedge of our property. Big bugs or small aliens, I don’t know for sure. But I went back to bed and snuggled up to Tom and dreamed about other worlds.

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2 Responses to Summer: Getting Dirty, Keeping Cool, Retreating

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  2. The retreat post can be found at, “This post has been removed by the author.” is so dramatic — I just wanted to correct the web address, not delete the comment, but it couldn't be done. So far as I could figure out.


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