Tuesday, Saturday, Thursday

What do did these days have in common?  April 26, April 30, and May 5 were sunny days. Lawn work, junk day, walks, catching rays…gotta love it! The weather man just told us that it rained 24 out of April’s 30 days. Soggy.

But today (Thursday) was lovely…

Four little girls. My friend asked if it was kind of like the old days. I had four boys, spaced much farther apart than these four girls. And they stayed here all day, every day (and night). This part time nannying is just the ticket — I get a nice baby/little kid fix, and then they go home with their mommies and daddies. So, no, it’s almost nothing like the old days.

It’s just…Betsy’s Day Care. Open one day a week, by appointment. Afternoon naps encouraged.

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