Still April, Still Raining

We had one, terrific, surprise, bonus, next thing to a beautiful day. Saturday. The day before Easter.

One of my friends was quick thinking enough to reschedule her backyard Easter egg hunt. Her grandchildren donned their Easter finery, took baskets in hand and searched the yard for colored eggs — a day early.

When my kids were little we were occasionally included in that Thayer/Powell family tradition. Such fun. Good memories.

This year our Easter weekend was filled with… a noontime Good Friday service at church and then a children’s celebration in the evening.

Saturday morning we attended a graveside service for our dear old friend, Aunt Ronnie, who passed onto glory back in October. With the Dine family we celebrated her life and her new everlasting life. Then we spent Saturday afternoon with our son David’s in-law family. Good food, good company, an egg hunt, and good weather to boot.

On Easter Sunday Tom fixed us a pancake breakfast. Dave and Mel had to leave by 9a.m. right about the time we headed off to church. For Resurrection Sunday, church was full and the music, fabulous. Angelic, happy children treated us to a hand-signed rendition of “Lord I Lift Your Name on High.” And the message “Jesus Our Coming King” inspired hope and joy.

Afterward Tom and I, along with John and Wanda, went to Gary and Nadine’s for a delicious ham dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy like only Deenie can make. Scrumptious!

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