One of Five Birthdays

From March through April — five of our kids and grands turn a year older. When our boys were young they were grouped as the big boys (2 of ’em) and the little boys (2 of them too). Now that the older of the 2 “little” boys is over 30 — yikes, I’m feeling old! Ah, but what matters? He’s still young.

Adam & Alicia, Jim & Wendy

Yes, his birthday was in March. Yes, that is a Christmas tree on the wall.


I took it down last week when it dawned on me, maybe that’s why winter wouldn’t go away — my bad, I hadn’t taken down all my Christmas trappings. I apologize to the rest of the world. It’s my fault the snow wouldn’t stop. But everything should be okay now. I’ve done my part, my decorations are all in storage. So go ahead and put away your snowsuits.

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