39 years and counting

For our anniversary today, we went to a wedding. It was a fabulous day for an outdoor ceremony. We took advantage of the beautiful setting to commemorate the day for ourselves too.

Kimberly Thayer married Marcus for the second time on Saturday.  Their first wedding was an intimate private ceremony on a beach in Florida. The bride’s Floridian brother performed both ceremonies for the gorgeous, happy, free-spirited, romantic couple.

A picture of the newlyweds at our house before the wedding.
The musician. Our boy, David, provided the music for his childhood friend’s wedding.
(David and Kim go way back… to their diaper days.)
We’re so looking forward to the next wedding we’ll be attending…our own David and his sweet Melanie.
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2 Responses to 39 years and counting

  1. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!


  2. Arielle says:

    Happy belated anniversary, Betsy! And wishing you many more!Love, Arielle


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