A quick post to end another fabulous day — G’night.

It was a lovely Easter Day and day after. Can’t wait for tomorrow. No, what I really can’t wait for is Saturday when we get to see our grandkids. But until then, we’re enjoying a bit of time off, yard work, house work, catching up (or just barely keeping up) with my venue descriptions. Hey, it’s harder than you think.

Sunday was wonderful — a contata at church and communion. Then dinner here with good friends and our Davey-boy and Mel. A walk to the daffodil field — and everyone carried out a bouquet. Hmmm, maybe I have a picture of that. Nope, no daffodils, but look at the pretty tulips.

And lest the other kids feel slighted, I have some pix of Adam and Alica too, from when we celebrated Adam’s birthday belatedly.

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