Gulf View

Church was wonderful…not like home, but lovely and inspiring. Charlotte Stemple actually presented the message at this huge church filled with lots and lots of retired pastors, pastors’ wives, and missionaries. Charlotte and her husband, Woody (hello Grant! not the same Woody as your little cowboy friend) were missionaries in Viet Nam during the war years. What an incredible story they have. What an incredible speaker she is. I’d like to list her points to cement them in my mind…but I’ll save that for my journal. Just now I have to get to work. This is a bit of a working vacation for me. So here I sit with my laptop and a view of the Gulf, and I really must get to work, which is not exactly a hardship.

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One Response to Gulf View

  1. Betsy..what is your work to do? What are you working on with your writing?


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