Count down to Christmas

One week! How does it sneak up on us like that? No matter, I’m ready enough. First we put up the outside tree — clear lights only, but they didn’t photograph very well.

Then we put up the happy tree — colored lights and homemade pine cone ornaments (Thank you Laura Shaffer Rausch — what’s it been 10 years ago?!? They still look lovely.) Wooden toys and cloth angels and silver bells (actually they’re gold, but…) make this a bright fun tree. Under the tree is a nativity set that little ones can play with. It’s all child friendly.

This year we have a third tree (maybe we did last year too) and it’s all white and gold, snow flakes and icicles and glass bulbs and sparkly garland. Bulbs and the Angel came from Nathan’s Christmas stash. Beautiful Hallmark bulbs from Adam and Alicia last year. The tree skirt made by my very dear friend Deenie several years ago. All I need to complete this trip down nostalgia lane is a picture of the stockings made by my mom. They’re hung by the chimney with care. I’ll save that pic for the next blog — stockings and a look at the beautiful fluffy snow we’ve got. Here’s dreaming of a white Christmas.

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