I’m Not Scared

It’s Friday the 13th. Since I’m not superstitious, I’m not scared, but I am shocked. My last post was June 1st. What have I done with the first 13 days of June???

I’ve enjoyed them, that’s what! The weather has been record breaking warm, so I’ve been in the pool as much as possible. Is 3 times a day extravagant? Not if, with every single swim, you’re feeling grateful for the wonderful blessing of having a pool. Nine years now we’ve had this pool, and we still enjoy it as much as we did the first year.

True confession…we had a hard time getting the water clear when we opened it in May. I actually muttered to Tom, “Now I know why people fill in their pools.” Turned out we needed a new filter system and once that was installed — Voila, there’s the beautiful crystal clear water we were looking for! I repented of my grumbly grouchies.

Beyond that I have my same old struggles with time. How to do everything I want to do — and not feel frustrated by what I don’t get done? Like most everything, it’s a mind game. There are real distractions like the business of life (spell that busy-ness) and made up distractions like worrying about things that are out of my control. For both of those issues there is a solution. PRAYER. Focusing on the Lord is like magic, He orders my life! I’m remembering a book I read years ago called Too Busy Not To Pray. AND, focusing on the Lord brings my worries under control. Worrying about things that I can’t fix or even control usually leads to meddling. And meddling rarely works out for me. A little ditty I learned in Sunday School goes Why worry when you can pray? So I’ll pray and let the Holy Spirit do the meddling!

I’m off now. The day is getting away from me. I’ve really got to get busy…and pray.

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